A non-profit website designed to search for missing Syrians, regardless of the reasons for their disappearance. The website relies on people helping each other and does not follow any political party. It operates independently of any international organization or government, making it a neutral platform for all users. Additionally, it maintains a high privacy policy to protect sensitive information about both the missing individuals and the users. 

Report a missing on Findsuri

Any Syrian person (alive or dead, man, woman, or child) who has gone missing, and no one knows his whereabouts. Others are searching for him. A certain amount of time has not been required since his disappearance. The missing person may be in Syria or abroad, such as those who went missing in displacement movements or in cases related to human rights violations or natural disasters. 

Communication with Findsuri

All you need to do is carefully read the privacy policy, and continuously update your information as a user, in addition to monitoring your email and the provided contact phone number for communication. Furthermore, you can modify any private data related to the missing person, or delete/close their case. You can reach Findsuri through email or WhatsApp number.